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Personnel Security

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Dog Handlers

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V.I.P Protection

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Retail Guarding

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Construction Guarding

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Body Guarding

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Events Guarding

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Automotive Gates

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Explaining RISKS vs COSTS

There is tendency in many organizations to ignore any security measures necessary, due to the incursion of capital expenditure, which could adversely affect the end-of-year balance sheet.

Likewise the downside of such a vision would be that, by centering on “cost” only, instead of a combination of cost, risk and quality, an organization would run the risk of trying to extract “quality” service from mediocre service provider, who might not have the ability or infrastructure to support such an operation.

This will result in substandard and disorientated service, which will give rise to potential loss situation, which, in turn will affect whatever intentions one might have.

Whilst the industrial market-place advocates “increased productivity” as a formula for increasing profitability, the reduction of an unquantifiable losses due to a well-balanced deployment of manpower and technology is often ignored. When full account of such losses is taken into account, their effect and is significant. It is our view that the reduction or prevention of loss should also be assessed in the effort to increase the “bottom-line”

Our prices, for security services, are based upon risk.